Dmytro Kurovskiy was born in 1971, in Chernihiv, Ukraine. He attended the Kharkiv State University of Arts, graduating in 1994 as a flutist and teacher. Dmytro Kurovskiy started to take part in concerts and exhibitions as an artist from the beginning of 1990’s. Since 1991, he is a leader of Foa Hoka musical band. Kurovskiy works with neo-pop/psychedelic art. He enjoys experimenting with new techniques that combine art, music and abstract design. His works (graphic works, collages and design objects) are in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Germany and the United States. Author of the poetry book “Somnambulistic Beetle”, 1997. Member of music projects: Suphina’s Little Beasts, Kazma-Kazma, Chichka-Drichka, Amoeba, Elsa. Participated as musician and dj in contemporary events and festivals: Novaya Scena. Urban Music, 1990 (UA), Agasfer, 1991 (RU), Immersion, 1991 (RU), Rock On The Barricades, 1991 (UA), Indyushata, 1991 (RU), Crossroad, 1991 (RU), City Rock Fest, 1992 (RU), Novaya Scena 3, 1992 (UA), Alternatyva, 1994, 1995 (UA), Musica Pura Europae, 1994 (UA), Cult Of Modern, 1995, 1996 (UA), Vostochnyi Express, 1996 (UA), KIMAF, 2001 (UA), Dreamcatcher 2,  2002 (UA), Sezony Mody, 2002-2003 (UA), Medusa  Fest, 2003 (PL), Fusion Festival, 2004 (DE), Serious Pop, 2004 (AU), Brandshof, 2004 (DE), Lightfestival, 2004 (DE), Lazy Dayz Festival, 2005 (UA), German-Ukrainian Session, 2005 (UA), Danaos Plexxipus, 2006 (UA), Sehsuchte-Moviemiento, 2006 (UA), SKIF-11, 2007 (RU), Gogolfest, 2008 (UA), Krotkometrazowe Podroze Filmowe, 2010 (PL), Tranzyt Festival, 2010 (PL), Kultur Im Quartier, 2012 (DE), Artforum, 2014 (UA), Ergo Sum, 2016 (UA).

Personal art exhibitions and performances:

2002 “M’boti Uchacha School presents…”, Squat 12 on Mala Zhytomyrska street, Kyiv (UA)

2003 “The children of captain Grant”, Puppet Theatre, Chernihiv (UA)

2003 “M’boti Uchacha School presents…”, Cafe Del Mar, Odessa (UA)

2003 “We are not in the fog”, Medusa Festival, Woznice (PL)

2003 “We are not in the fog”, Brandshof Festival, Hamburg (DE)

2004 “Love never dies”, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna (AU)

2004 “We are not in the fog”, Lightfestival, Stuttgart (DE)

2004 “We are not in the fog”, Ex’N’Pop Club, Berlin (DE)

2006 “Love never dies”, Danaos Plexxipus festival, Odessa (UA)

2007 “Love never dies”, Tsekh contemporary art gallery, Kyiv (UA)

2008 “We are not in the fog”, Gogolfest, Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv (UA)

2008 “Love never dies”, Youth Theatre, Chernihiv (UA)

2010 “Fragments of joy”, Youth Theatre, Chernihiv (UA)

2010 “Wystawa grafik”, Zubroffka festival, Byalystok (PL)

2010 “Trash & soul explorations”, Tranzyt festival, Poznan (PL)

2012 “The soul sets”, Inara Bagirova studio, Kyiv (UA)

2012 “Trash & soul explorations”, Postbahnhof, Berlin (DE)

2013 “Our faces are borrowed from the gods”, RA Gallery, Kyiv (UA)

2013 “Horizon unfazed”, Galagan Art Museum, Chernihiv (UA)

2014 “Sign of the times”, International Art Forum Festival, Kyiv (UA)

2014 “Get to the coast”, Gallery, Kyiv (UA)

2014 “Get to the coast”, Galagan Art Museum, Chernihiv (UA)

2014 “Horizon unfazed”, “Salo” modern art restaurant, Lviv (UA)

2014 “Horizon unfazed”, Bunkermuz Gallery, Ternopil (UA)

2014 “Horizon unfazed”, Art Na Mur Gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk (UA)

2015 “Horizon unfazed”, Taras Shevchenko National Museum, Kyiv (UA)

2015 “Abundance”, Galagan Art Museum, Chernihiv (UA),

2015 “Afropunk invasion!”, Secret Place location, Chernihiv (UA)

2015 “Special relationship”, Galagan Art Museum, Chernihiv (UA)

2016 “Special relationship”, “Salo” modern art restaurant, Lviv (UA)

2016 “Horizon Unfazed”, Dzyga Gallery, Lviv (UA)

2016 “Prepared for everything!”, Plast Art Museum, Chernihiv (UA)

2016 “Prepared for everything party”, Secret Place location, Chernihiv (UA)

2016 “Acuteness of things”, Zelena Stsena festival, Chernihiv (UA)

2017 “Sign of the times”, International Festival of Solo Performances, Chernihiv (UA)

2017 “Sign of the times”, Zelena Stsena festival, Chernihiv (UA)

2017 “Protective skin”, RA Gallery, Kyiv (UA)

2018 “Protective skin”, International Festival of Solo Performances, Chernihiv (UA)

2019 “Secrecies”, Zelena Stsena festival, Chernihiv (UA)

2019 “Protective skin”, Bunkermuz Gallery, Ternopil (UA)

2020 “Surrealism vs Realism”, Beautiful Mother’s Garden, Chernihiv (UA)

2020 “Utopia Of Brotherhood”, Plast-Art Museum, Chernihiv (UA)

2020 “Memento Mori” (group exhibition), Galagan Art Museum, Chernihiv (UA)

2021 “The Myriad Of Pleasures”, Vagabundo Art Space, Ivano-Frankivsk (UA)

Participated in the following events:
18 10 2014 Charitable Auction to help soldiers wounded during the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Eastern Ukraine
28 02 2015 Auction of contemporary Ukrainian Art “Dukat”
21-26 05 2015 Silent Auction “Saving the heritage of Boris Gmyrya”

2021 Group exhibition “30”, Library Art Center, Chernihiv (UA)
2021 Group exhibition “Brut”, Library Art Center, Chernihiv (UA)